RECORDING Time Again! (and sightseeing!)


This trip was a whirlwind!

I started by going to the Stuttgart Art Museum for a good part of the morning. I was able to see the 'big attraction' which is the Banksy exhibit. It was presented in such a well-curated manner. Viewing the Banksy statement piece next to Rembrandt was a wonderful juxtaposition of art, life, and statements of the times. Lots of food for thought. It was a nice atmosphere in the room too with lots of giggles, good humor, and smiles.

I followed the Museum with a trip to the local park and was treated to a sailing regatta, my first ever! The day was warm and sunny and so many people were out enjoying the weather.

Hedwych came in that night and after catching up we headed to bed, after all, we had a few packed days coming up. We recorded a solid 3 days. Then just as I was packing to leave...I feel so ill! Oh no! I had to stay a few more days but all I saw was a bed. I recovered and made it back to the USA.  

Here is a fun fact: one thing we both find challenging about recording....the temperature! The lights are so HOT!


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